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   4 Week Raku Clay Class (Evenings) Wed, Mar 03 by Sue Roberts
   Child's Bench $20 Thu, Mar 04 by Charmaine Johannes
   Small Vintage Oak Desk Wed, Mar 03 by Christine Stapp
   Used Black Amana Propane Stove Wed, Mar 03 by Christine Stapp
   Vintage Mahogany Twin Bed Complete Frame Wed, Mar 03 by Christine Stapp
   White Wicker Desk with Chair Wed, Mar 03 by Christine Stapp
   Old Oak Desk $25 Sun, Feb 28 by Charmaine Johannes
   Hybrid Drone Sat, Feb 20 by Ron Knowles
: FREE! :
   Firewood easy access you cut Sat, Mar 06 by Patricia D Adams
   Free office chair Sat, Feb 27 by Kathy Whitman
   Young Roosters To Good Homes- Expert, Dedicated, D... Fri, Feb 26 by Deborah Finch
   Pair of speakers Sat, Feb 20 by Karen Shill
   For Woodworkers Tue, Feb 09 by Paul Fitzgerald
   Custom tiny house rental Tue, Mar 02 by Yvonne Hom
   Found - Men's watch Thu, Mar 04 by Tom Smiley
   Ferry Ticket Fri, Feb 26 by Sally Stapp
   Ferry punch cards Mon, Feb 22 by Karen Shill
   Auto life Advisor Sun, Feb 28 by Mitch Cook
   Childcare on island! Wed, Feb 24 by Emma Moline
   Waste clean up, dump runs Tue, Feb 09 by Scott Parker
   Generator Service Wed, Jan 13 by Bill Chamberlain
   Electrical Contractor On Guemes Tue, Jan 05 by Mike Gregory
   Painting Services Tue, Jan 05 by Shane Kevin Dohoney
   Safe & Sound Home Watch Wed, Oct 28 by Camelia A Chatfield
   E Bike and Golf cart servicing Sat, Oct 03 by Bill Chamberlain
   Welding Sun, Sep 27 by Mitch Cook
   Monday 2-5 Library open for deckside pickup ! Sat, Aug 22 by Morna McEachern
   Working Man for hire Thu, Jul 09 by Blake Johnson
   Flower arrangements made to order Wed, Apr 22 by Cedar Petrick
   Pizza Night with Ben Starner on Piano! Fri, Feb 26 by Guemes Island General Store
   Come Join our Team Thu, Jul 23 by Guemes Island General Store
   Outside Dining Thu, Jul 16 by Guemes Island General Store
   Friday Night Pizza Menu for the Store Fri, May 22 by Guemes Island General Store
   Store is offering curbside pick-up services Tue, Mar 17 by Guemes Island General Store
   handyman wanted Fri, Mar 05 by Sequoia Ferrel
   Wanted Gardener, yard work Fri, Mar 05 by Sequoia Ferrel
   Plumber recommendation Wed, Mar 03 by Tim Riordan
   Cleaning Service Mon, Mar 01 by Tracey Rossana-Reinholt
   Want to find the artist who made the animals in bl... Tue, Feb 23 by Bonnie Olpin
   Plumber Needed Sun, Feb 21 by Mike Kelly
   Old hand woodworking tools. Sat, Feb 20 by Tom Ahlers

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