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   Monday Night Community Yoga 7pm Thu, May 11 by Amanda Rose
   Save the Date: June 18th 2 - 4 pm for the Strawbe... Thu, May 25 by Edie Clark for Groundfloor Guemes
   Summer Art Studio Tour, June 3rd Mon, May 22 by Guemes Island Art
   Save the Date: June 17th Community Drum Circle Sun, May 21 by Diana Tsang
   Unused Peacedove e-bike for sale Fri, May 26 by Lane Parks
   Queen futon Thu, May 25 by dave rogers
   Iconic clothing and handbag sale / Unique Porcelai... Wed, May 24 by Julie deRouche
   Attic Werner Wood ladder Mon, May 22 by Holly Rainwater
   Water Barrels Sat, May 20 by Colleen Sargent
   Class A RV cover $400.00 Mon, May 15 by Gail LeBoutillier
   3 panels Hardie Cement Board Fri, May 12 by Noelle Foster
: FREE! :
   2 Free Wood Stoves at 6113 S Shore Rd. Mon, May 29 by Remi Starston
   Sofa bed/ fold out Fri, May 26 by Ralph Mendershausen
   Free stuff 5326 S. Shore Drive Sat, May 13 by Lucy Rigg McAdams
   Free Several bags of concrete & sand mix Fri, May 12 by Noelle Foster
   Free hot water tank Thu, May 11 by Noelle Foster
   Need 2 Bedroom Rental Sun, May 07 by Tama Mignogna Campbell
   Native Plant Restoration/Invasive Plant Control Sun, May 14 by Raylene McCalman
   Automotive & Insurance Consulting Thu, May 04 by Mitch Cook
   Haircuts now available on Guemes! Tue, May 02 by Chloe Klein
   Private and Small Group Yoga Sessions Tue, Apr 18 by Amanda Rose
   Notary Thu, Mar 23 by Deb Flory
   6 yard dump truck for hire Wed, Mar 22 by Naomi Sage
   Welding & Fabrication Wed, Mar 15 by Mitch Cook
   Excavation, Trucking, Property Clearing/Mowing Tue, Mar 07 by Jon Petrich
   Massage Therapy Fri, Mar 03 by Ellen Fitch
   Fruit tree pruning: Update Tue, Feb 07 by Frea Gladish
   Meals on Wheels Tue, Jan 31 by Terri Antonino
   Dog Walking Sun, Jan 29 by Chantal Pelletier
   Dog Island Cleaning Tue, Jan 03 by Michael Lodge
   Do you need a new floor? Call Gateway Interiors in... Thu, Dec 29 by Letisha Montoya
   Wood Splitting Tue, Dec 27 by Jon Petrich
   New Island General Contractor, Designer and Carpen... Wed, Nov 23 by Michael Lodge
   Pruning Pressure Washing Gutters More Fri, Oct 07 by Avery Hufford
   Skilled Landscaper / Groundskeeper Thu, Sep 15 by Chuck Farrell
   Landscaping/Gardening help Thu, Sep 01 by Grace Douglas
   Scaffolding Available Tue, Jul 26 by Beverly James
   Massage Therapy Deep Tissue and Injury Rehab Sun, Jul 17 by Deb Finch
   Friendly Guemes Island Realtors Tue, Jun 21 by Anya Mayo
   Plastic Welding Sun, Jun 05 by Mitch Cook
   Help Wanted at The Guemes Island General Store Wed, Feb 08 by William McWatters
   Bamboo Plants Sat, May 27 by Deb Finch
   mowing lawn Fri, May 26 by Doreen Hiebert
   rototilling/lawnmower Fri, May 26 by William J Hancock
   Small bar fridge Mon, May 22 by Holly Rainwater
   EBike Thu, May 11 by Jodi Meekins
   Black metal king headboard Thu, May 11 by Dianne Neilson
   Scrap metal Tue, May 09 by Mitch Cook
   Fall/Winter Dry Boat Storage Sun, May 07 by Mike Kelly

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