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   Outside yoga at Schoolhouse Park Friday 6/18 Wed, Jun 16 by Megan McClellan
   Vegetable stand - open Friday 9am Thu, Jun 17 by Chris Damarjian
   7 1/2– Livingston dinghy with oars Tue, Jun 15 by Joe Bucek
   Mirror framed hallway console or coffee table Fri, Jun 11 by Ann Dussault
   Large 2 door cabinet Mon, Jun 07 by David McKibben
   13 ft Smokercraft Sun, May 23 by Dan Sheridan
: FREE! :
   Cherry Tomatoe Starts and Seedlings Fri, Jun 18 by Sydney Martin
   Copper wire Thu, Jun 17 by Beverly James
   Free Bowflex Exceed workout machine Sun, Jun 13 by Janey Sormunen
   Well loved Couch and Loveseat Mon, Jun 07 by Janey Sormunen
   Kenmore washer & dryer set Sun, Jun 06 by Terri Antonino
   6 chairs free! Thu, Jun 03 by Donna Mccord
   Queen mattress Sun, May 23 by Stephen callero
   Found bicycle Repair Kit Sat, May 29 by Carol Last
   Missing Cat Tue, May 25 by Elena Creager
   July 4th Hot Dog Sale Fri, Jun 11 by Julia Pingree
   Thank You Wed, Jun 09 by Elizabeth Schreurs
   Too many projects/odd Jobs, and not enough hands? Thu, May 13 by Andrew P Trible
   Lawn mower Blade sharpening Fri, Mar 19 by Bill Chamberlain
   Welding and Fabrication Sun, Mar 14 by Mitch Cook
   Massage Therapy Mon, Mar 08 by Ellen Fitch
   Auto life Advisor Sun, Feb 28 by Mitch Cook
   Dump runs Tue, Feb 09 by Scott Parker
   Electrical Contractor On Guemes Tue, Jan 05 by Mike Gregory
   Safe & Sound Home Watch Wed, Oct 28 by Camelia A Chatfield
   Monday 2-5 Library open for deckside pickup ! Sat, Aug 22 by Morna McEachern
   Live Music is on the Horizon! Tue, Jun 01 by Guemes Island General Store
   Now Hiring - Front end, line cook, prep cook, and ... Sun, Apr 25 by Guemes Island General Store
   Unusable Car batteries Fri, Jun 18 by Bill Chamberlain
   Need Help To Clean The Church Tue, Jun 15 by Julia Pingree
   Property maintenance Fri, Jun 11 by Wendy sinlan
   Guemes Recreational Property for Sale? Thu, Jun 10 by John Radin
   Patio Dining Set Tue, Jun 08 by Terri Antonino
   Gardening/watering assistance. Sun, Jun 06 by Rebecca Ullman
   Dog sitter to stay at our home June 18-21 ($100/ni... Thu, Jun 03 by Henry Rose
   Laundry Service Wed, Jun 02 by Sue Dockerill
   Looking for Local Crab Apple Trees Sun, May 30 by Colin Stewart
   Working dryer Thu, May 27 by Jessica Snelson
   immersion blender stick? Thu, May 27 by Kara Simons
   Looking for a used rock polisher Sun, May 23 by Stephen callero
   42" craftsman ride on mower blades used Sun, May 23 by Stephen callero
   Wanted sea glass Thu, May 20 by Gail LeBoutillier

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