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   Chamber Music Winter Concert! Dec 16, 7:15 pm Mon, Nov 27 by Guemes Island Chamber Music Series
   Fresh Alder Chips Thu, Dec 07 by Jon Petrich
   Ramsey 15,000 Pound 12v Truck bumper winch $125 Sat, Dec 02 by Stephen Callero
   Small wood stove Sat, Dec 02 by Stephen Callero
   Propane heater Tue, Nov 28 by Mitch cook
: FREE! :
   Queen size bed platform Sun, Dec 10 by Juby Fouts
   Free Pick Up Of Old Car/Truck /RV Batteries Sun, Nov 19 by Stephen Callero
   Extra-wide Tiny house for long-term Rental Sat, Dec 02 by craig archambault
   Waterfront cottage for short-term rental 1-3 month... Fri, Dec 01 by Dianne Neilson
   studio apartment rental Sun, Nov 26 by Sequoia Ferrel
   Scaffolding for rent Wed, Dec 06 by Beverly B James
   Wood Chipping - up to 6 Wed, Oct 18 by Jon Petrich
   Island Tails Pet Salon Mon, Oct 09 by Olivia Cole
   Driveway over grown? Blackberries taking over? New... Thu, Aug 17 by Jon Petrich
   Private yoga Instruction Sun, Aug 06 by Becca Bonno
   Friendly Guemes Island Realtors Sun, Jun 18 by Anya Mayo
   Automotive & Insurance Consulting Thu, May 04 by Mitch Cook
   Notary Thu, Mar 23 by Deb Flory
   6 yard dump truck for hire Wed, Mar 22 by Naomi Sage
   Welding & Fabrication Wed, Mar 15 by Mitch Cook
   Excavation, Trucking, Property Clearing/Mowing Tue, Mar 07 by Jon Petrich
   Massage Therapy Fri, Mar 03 by Ellen Fitch
   Fruit tree pruning: Update Tue, Feb 07 by Frea Gladish
   Meals on Wheels Tue, Jan 31 by Terri Antonino
   Dog Island Cleaning Tue, Jan 03 by Michael Lodge
   Do you need a new floor? Call Gateway Interiors in... Thu, Dec 29 by Letisha Montoya
   Wood Splitting Tue, Dec 27 by Jon Petrich
   Help Wanted at The Guemes Island General Store Wed, Feb 08 by William McWatters
   wood stove Fri, Dec 08 by Sequoia Ferrel
   14-16 foot trailerable sailboat Mon, Nov 20 by Jake Choiniere

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