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   Outside yoga at Schoolhouse Park Thursday 9/23 Mon, Sep 20 by Megan McClellan
   Two Day Raku Workshop Mon, Sep 20 by Sue Roberts
   Guemes Island 1946-1956 Fri, Sep 10 by TomDeach
   REI GT Mountain Bike S GT Transeo 4.0 Fri, Sep 10 by Sam Adams
   20 gallons Non-ethanol 50:1 pre-mixed gasoline (se... Fri, Sep 10 by Jon Petrich
   2009 Yamaha XT250 Motorcycle Like New Tue, Sep 07 by Randy DeFosse
   New Lectric XP 2.O Step-Thru Folding bikes Sat, Sep 04 by Stephen Callero
: FREE! :
   Free fire wood Sun, Sep 19 by Stephen Callero
   Free Double Wide Manufactured Home Thu, Sep 09 by Cameron Foster
   Golden Hops for Brewing Tue, Aug 31 by Thomas Beeler
   Japanese roosters Thu, Aug 26 by Bonita Smith
   Free pile Tue, Aug 24 by Cedar Petrick
   Lost Prescription Glasses Sat, Aug 28 by Mark Spahr
   North Beach Thu, Sep 02 by Dick Blumenthal
   Library re-opens July 15. Sat, Jul 10 by Morna McEachern
   Too many projects/odd Jobs, and not enough hands? Thu, May 13 by Andrew P Trible
   Lawn mower Blade sharpening Fri, Mar 19 by Bill Chamberlain
   Welding and Fabrication Sun, Mar 14 by Mitch Cook
   Massage Therapy Mon, Mar 08 by Ellen Fitch
   Auto life Advisor Sun, Feb 28 by Mitch Cook
   Dump runs Tue, Feb 09 by Scott Parker
   Electrical Contractor On Guemes Tue, Jan 05 by Mike Gregory
   Safe & Sound Home Watch Wed, Oct 28 by Camelia A Chatfield
   Now Hiring - Front end, line cook, prep cook, and ... Sun, Apr 25 by Guemes Island General Store
   Appliance Repair Tue, Sep 21 by Patricia lee McGinnis
   Drum Rock Polisher Mon, Sep 20 by David McKibben
   Looking for stationary bike Sun, Sep 19 by Stephen Callero
   Leaf raking help wanted Wed, Sep 08 by Phil Fenner
   Abandoned Firewood Tue, Sep 07 by Jon Petrich
   Tahoe evacuees seeking 1 month accommodation Fri, Sep 03 by Anna Shay
   Guemes Island Resort is Hiring - Come join a great... Thu, Aug 26 by Guemes Island Resort
   Desk Tue, Aug 24 by Jessica Snelson

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