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   Scaffolding for Rent Thu, May 21 by Beverly James
   Flower arrangements made to order Wed, Apr 22 by Cedar Petrick
   Licensed Electrical Contractor on Guemes Wed, Mar 04 by Mike Gregory
   John Deere rideon mower repairs Fri, Feb 28 by Bill Chamberlain
   Lawn mower blade and garden tool sharpening Mon, Feb 10 by Bill Chamberlain
   house/pet sitter available to help! Mon, Jan 20 by joy patman
   Safe & Sound Home Watch Sun, Oct 27 by Camelia A Chatfield
   Fruit tree pruning: Update Mon, Oct 14 by Frea Gladish
   Sacred Circle Massage now offering in home service... Wed, Oct 02 by Jessica Snelson
   AutoLifeAdvisor Wed, Sep 25 by Mitch Cook
   Welding and Metal Fabrication Wed, Sep 25 by Mitch Cook
   Property Management/Housekeeping Fri, Sep 20 by Chantal Pelletier

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