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   Cold Connections in Jewelry Making Sun, Apr 16 by Darlene Klister
   Island Adventure Art Camp Tue, Apr 11 by Sue Roberts
   Tower Arts Studio Clay Classes begin May 3 Tue, Apr 11 by Sue Roberts
   Oak rocking chair Sat, Apr 22 by Shawn Waliser
   Yard sale/ chair massage extravaganza at the farmh... Sat, Apr 22 by Jessica Snelson
   Partylite candles and decor Tue, Apr 18 by Erica Rich
    Wood Chips for Garden Pathways or mulching Tue, Apr 18 by Bill Chamberlain
   Electric whirlpool stove Tue, Apr 18 by Daniel Makus
   16ft welded aluminum boat w/ 25hp merc Thu, Apr 13 by Shane schuck
   mission-style coffee table Wed, Apr 12 by Lu LeMieux
   Bird Netting Protect your berries and Chickens Tue, Apr 11 by dave davelaar
   boat zincs Fri, Apr 07 by Dan
   seasoned firewood Wed, Apr 05 by Tim Fanton
   New Millguard Windows Wed, Apr 05 by Tim Fanton
   Electric Golf Cart Wed, Apr 05 by David
   Phone Boooks 2017-2018 Wed, Apr 05 by Carol Pellett
   Acreage for sale Mon, Apr 03 by Sean Hewitt
   Basin & pitcher, pole lamp Mon, Apr 03 by Diane Murray
   Coffee table, fainting couch Mon, Apr 03 by Diane Murray
   Kilns for sale Sat, Mar 25 by Julie deRouche
: FREE! :
   Old Cameras and Black Room Equipment Sat, Apr 22 by Sandra Lane
   Dust Buster Filters Sat, Apr 22 by Sandra Lane
   wsu, uw yearbooks Fri, Apr 21 by Susan H Magorien
   Free Fire Wood Thu, Apr 20 by Dick Iversen
   Furniture and music-related items Sat, Apr 15 by Nigel Cushing
   Freezer works great Thu, Apr 13 by Shane schuck
   Free Firewood - Many Cords - Available Approximat... Sat, Apr 01 by Dick Iversen
   Old issues of The Evening Star and Guemes Tide Wed, Mar 29 by Elizabeth Anne Jackets
   desperate need Sat, Mar 25 by erica
   Found earring Sun, Apr 23 by Barb Ohms
   Island Cleanup a Success Sun, Apr 23 by Edie Clark
   Car Show - 4th of July Fri, Apr 21 by Wendell
   Thank you Thu, Apr 20 by Doreen Hiebert
   Riff-Raff Coffee Stand UP DATE Thu, Apr 20 by Michael Grennell
   a Bigly thank you Tue, Apr 18 by Angela McLean
   Rat Poison Mon, Apr 17 by Holly Rainwater
   Thanks Straight Arrow & Crew Sat, Apr 08 by Sally Stapp & Dick Brigham
   kudos Sat, Apr 08 by Jodi and George Meekins
   Thank You Fri, Apr 07 by Carol Pellett
   Thanks to all who were involved during the haul ou... Fri, Apr 07 by Wendy Saver
   Grateful for the Straight Arrow and Guemes Ferry S... Fri, Apr 07 by Christine Hassell
   Need help please! Thu, Apr 06 by Elaine Price
   Thank You Arrow Launch and Guemes Ferry Staff Wed, Apr 05 by Kara Simons
   Excellent Acupuncturist at Lotus Health Center Tue, Mar 28 by Susan Bassett
   Anna's Sheep Shearing Sat, Apr 22 by Susan
   Dan with Precision Tree Service on island Tue, Apr 11 by Dan Rawls
   Power Washing Mon, Apr 03 by Drew Norton
   Sacred Circle Massage Therapy Thu, Mar 23 by Jessica Snelson
   Propane Conversion Systems for Generators Fri, Mar 10 by Bill Chamberlain
   Fruit tree and gardening help Mon, Feb 13 by Frea Gladish
   Early Bird Spring Tuneups Gas mowers etc Mon, Jan 30 by Bill Chamberlain
   Spring Special on Driveways and pathways resurfaci... Mon, Jan 30 by Drew Norton
   Precision Painting Co. Full-service painting contr... Fri, Jan 20 by Shane Dohoney
   Olsen Tree Service is Back At It Wed, Jan 18 by Olson Tree Service
   City Tree Service Thu, Jan 12 by Corey Thomas
   Yard and Storm Cleanups Trail building Tue, Jan 10 by Drew Norton
   Legal Services - My New Law Office Wed, Dec 28 by Justin Rothboeck
   Girl Friday , animal care. Errands, Skagit County... Sun, Dec 11 by Sandra Dee
   Generator Repair and Rental on island Tue, Oct 18 by Bill
   Flooring Sale!!! Specials for Guemes Island reside... Tue, Sep 13 by Geoff Freeman
   Chainsaw chains Sharpened 10 bux Sun, Aug 21 by Bill Chamberlain
   Massage Therapy, Injury Rehab Wed, Aug 17 by Deb Finch
   Sparrow Construction Mon, Aug 08 by Jack sparrow
   Renting the Hall and/or tables and chair Sun, Aug 07 by Sarah Sibley
   On-Island Contractor/Remodeler Wed, Aug 03 by Robert Olson
   On-Island Tutor Wed, Jul 27 by Cheryl
   Wedding Doves Thu, Jun 30 by Holly Rainwater
   Wedding on the Island with family and friends comi... Mon, Jun 27 by Holly Rainwater
   Dawg Island Yard tool Rental and Mechanical repair Sun, May 15 by Bill Chamberlain
   House Cleaning- animal sitting -gardening-house si... Thu, Apr 28 by Holly Rainwater
   Now Serving Sunday Breakfast Sun, Nov 13 by Jaime
   A Simple Gesture - Guemes Island Fri, Mar 31 by Jessica Lynch
   Clean packing boxes Sat, Apr 22 by Shawn Waliser
   Newspapers Tue, Apr 18 by Stephen
   Dump truck for hire Tue, Apr 18 by Lawrence D Verbano
   Looking for a couple of baby bunnies (for pets) Tue, Apr 11 by Wendy
    Old RV Awning for movie screen Mon, Apr 10 by Michael Grennell
   Old Car/truck/golf cart Batteries will pickup Mon, Apr 03 by Drew Norton
   Lawn Mowing Tue, Mar 28 by Kalman Brauner
   Home to rent or lease Mon, Mar 27 by Paul Martin Siefried

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