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   Duck eggs Fri, Jan 15 by Joan Petrick
   pair of large decorative ceramic geese--$25 for pa... Fri, Jan 15 by Kathy Finks
: FREE! :
   Panasonic 65" High Definition Plasma TV Sun, Jan 17 by Stuart Charles
   Generator advice Wed, Jan 13 by Bill Chamberlain
   Wood Chips Mon, Jan 11 by Sara M Taylor
   Magazines and books Sun, Jan 10 by Carol Last
   Platform bed - Queen-sized Sat, Jan 09 by Phyllis Bravinder
   Comfy chair and footstool Wed, Dec 30 by Patty Rose
   Lost my black OR gloves Sat, Jan 02 by Susie Fox
   Found Dingy Launching Wheel Wed, Dec 23 by Mark Spahr
   eye glasses with red side pieces Mon, Dec 21 by John M Rose
   Storm season is here Service your Generator Wed, Jan 13 by Bill Chamberlain
   Electrical Contractor On Guemes Tue, Jan 05 by Mike Gregory
   Painting Services Tue, Jan 05 by Shane Kevin Dohoney
   Safe & Sound Home Watch Wed, Oct 28 by Camelia A Chatfield
   E Bike and Golf cart servicing Sat, Oct 03 by Bill Chamberlain
   Welding Sun, Sep 27 by Mitch Cook
   Monday 2-5 Library open for deckside pickup ! Sat, Aug 22 by Morna McEachern
   Working Man for hire Thu, Jul 09 by Blake Johnson
   Flower arrangements made to order Wed, Apr 22 by Cedar Petrick
   John Deere rideon mower repairs Fri, Feb 28 by Bill Chamberlain
   Lawn mower blade and garden tool sharpening Mon, Feb 10 by Bill Chamberlain
   Come Join our Team Thu, Jul 23 by Guemes Island General Store
   Outside Dining Thu, Jul 16 by Guemes Island General Store
   Friday Night Pizza Menu for the Store Fri, May 22 by Guemes Island General Store
   Store is offering curbside pick-up services Tue, Mar 17 by Guemes Island General Store
   Propane Fireplace Service Mon, Jan 11 by Mike Kelly
   Married Couple Looking for 1 Bedroom Rental Mon, Jan 11 by Josie Nickum
   Consult on Saving Tree Fri, Jan 08 by Joan Palmer
   In need of Small apartment sized freezer Fri, Jan 08 by Bill Chamberlain
   Looking for a roofer Thu, Dec 31 by Dan McCormack
   Looking for a stove pipe person! Wed, Dec 30 by Stephen Callero
   Looking for Black Copper Moran Chickens/Eggs Mon, Dec 21 by Jack Rawls

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