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   Acrylic Painting Class with Cathy Schoenberg start... Tue, Oct 10 by Sue Roberts
   Tower Arts Studio Clay Classes begin October 25 Tue, Oct 10 by Sue Roberts
   Haida 26 sailboat Tue, Oct 17 by Dan Horneman
   outboard motor Mon, Oct 16 by larry bohall
   pressure washer Mon, Oct 16 by larry bohall
   live traps Mon, Oct 16 by larry bohall
   Guemes Sunrise Coffee news Sat, Oct 14 by Gary Davis
   ferry pass Sat, Oct 14 by Anne Passarelli
   firewood Sat, Oct 14 by Dave Rogers
   Island Truck Sun, Oct 08 by Dyvon Havens
   Weaner Piglets for Sale Thu, Sep 28 by Shauna Horneman
   Trex 7100 step thru bike Mon, Sep 25 by dave davelaar
   Weather Guard Job Boxes Wed, Sep 20 by Tony Fox
   Water storage tank Tue, Sep 19 by Gail
: FREE! :
   Free wasp wasp trap; Fri, Sep 29 by Jeff Salmon
   Full size mattress Thu, Sep 28 by Mike
   Dog crate Tue, Sep 26 by Holly
   Lost paddle and PFDs Thu, Sep 28 by Karen & Dave
   What was going on with the Ferry at 4:30pm, Saturd... Sat, Oct 14 by Carrie King
   Info re Stealing Apples Fri, Oct 06 by Gary Curtis
   Stealing Apples? Thu, Oct 05 by Gary Curtris
   Guemes Island Halloween Party! Tue, Oct 03 by Angela McLean
   Today's bike count 9/27/17 Wed, Sep 27 by Sally Stapp
   karma Mon, Sep 25 by tim fanton
   Headlight Restoration Sun, Aug 27 by Robert
   Guemes Lover seeks House-sitting Opportunity Thu, Aug 17 by Emmy Volkar
   Skagit Signal On-Island Computer and IT Service Wed, Aug 09 by Cheryl Mansley
   Guemes Contractor/Remodeler Sun, Jul 30 by Robert Olson
   Handyman Mon, Jul 10 by Paddy
   Guemes Go to Girl Sat, Jul 01 by Stacey Estenson
   Welding and Fabrication Tue, Jun 27 by Bill Chamberlain
   Small Engine repairs Wed, May 17 by Bill
   Anna's Sheep Shearing Sat, Apr 22 by Susan
   Power Washing Mon, Apr 03 by Bill
   Sacred Circle Massage Therapy Thu, Mar 23 by Jessica Snelson
   Fruit tree and gardening help Mon, Feb 13 by Frea Gladish
   Precision Painting Co. Full-service painting contr... Fri, Jan 20 by Shane Dohoney
   Olsen Tree Service is Back At It Wed, Jan 18 by Olson Tree Service
   City Tree Service Thu, Jan 12 by Corey Thomas
   Yard and Storm Cleanups Trail building Tue, Jan 10 by Drew Norton
   Legal Services - My New Law Office Wed, Dec 28 by Justin Rothboeck
   Girl Friday , animal care. Errands, Skagit County... Sun, Dec 11 by Sandra Dee
   Generator Repair and Rental on island Tue, Oct 18 by Bill
   Decking has begun!! Wed, Oct 04 by Barb Ohms & the GICCA Board
   Halloween Costume Party & Concert Mon, Oct 09 by Sarah Sibley (posting on behlaf of the Store)
   October Music Line-up! Tue, Oct 03 by Sarah Sibley (posting on behalf of the Store)
   Store Closed on Monday Tue, Oct 03 by Sarah Sibley
   GIGS Needs YOU! Wed, May 24 by jaime
   Vendors for GIHS Holiday Bazaar Mon, Oct 16 by Thomas Deach
   Carpenter wanted Sun, Oct 15 by Shawn Waliser
   Island pick-up truck Sun, Oct 08 by Larry Verbano
   Easiest way to get my well water tested? Thu, Oct 05 by Nancy Lazara Cushing
   Small place to rent for a friend Tue, Oct 03 by Michael Grennell
   For the Jamaica children, One Love Fri, Sep 29 by Carol Deach
   wanted: hunting spot Thu, Sep 28 by Erik
   VW Bug Wheels Tue, Sep 26 by Stephen
   Door Tue, Sep 26 by Tim Wittman
   Sailboat trailer Sun, Sep 24 by Dan

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