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   Bouquets - $5 Thu, May 28 by Christine Damarjian
   Music Stand for sale Wed, May 27 by Sophia Dobra
   Bundles of cut bamboo shoots. Sun, May 24 by Ann Dussault
   12-Foot Aluminum Boat for Sale Sat, May 23 by Heidi Rooks
   Good reliable mower today–s price $75.00 Sat, May 23 by Bill Chamberlain
   Wire shelving for sale Thu, May 21 by Beverly James
   Truck snow studded snow tires Wed, May 20 by Mitch Cook
   Truck tool box Wed, May 20 by Mitch Cook
   Propane tanks Wed, May 20 by Mitch Cook
   Fresh shiitake mushrooms Delivery Thu, Apr 30 by Qi Lou
: FREE! :
   Derelict Trailer - Free ?? - Need it gone! Thu, May 28 by Linda Lewis
   Toilet Seat Tue, May 26 by Dyvon Havens
   assorted used bricks Sat, May 23 by cathie wicklund
   Siding Thu, May 21 by Mark Antoncich
   Free Food Thu, May 21 by Connie Snell
   Readers found on South Shore Rd Sat, May 23 by Betsy Passarelli
   Remote control unit lost Mon, May 04 by Nancy White
   AUDI is the Latin Imperative Form of the Word to L... Fri, May 22 by Thomas Beeler
   Red Door Thrift Store Thu, May 21 by Kay Pope
   Asian giant hornets / aka murder hornets - trackin... Sat, May 16 by Tasha Petroff
   Asian hornet sighting 10 May Thu, May 14 by Donna DePauw
   Scaffolding for Rent Thu, May 21 by Beverly James
   Flower arrangements made to order Wed, Apr 22 by Cedar Petrick
   Licensed Electrical Contractor on Guemes Wed, Mar 04 by Mike Gregory
   John Deere rideon mower repairs Fri, Feb 28 by Bill Chamberlain
   Lawn mower blade and garden tool sharpening Mon, Feb 10 by Bill Chamberlain
   house/pet sitter available to help! Mon, Jan 20 by joy patman
   Safe & Sound Home Watch Sun, Oct 27 by Camelia A Chatfield
   Fruit tree pruning: Update Mon, Oct 14 by Frea Gladish
   Sacred Circle Massage now offering in home service... Wed, Oct 02 by Jessica Snelson
   AutoLifeAdvisor Wed, Sep 25 by Mitch Cook
   Welding and Metal Fabrication Wed, Sep 25 by Mitch Cook
   Property Management/Housekeeping Fri, Sep 20 by Chantal Pelletier
   Friday Night Pizza Menu for the Store Fri, May 22 by Guemes Island General Store
   Store is offering curbside pick-up services Tue, Mar 17 by Guemes Island General Store
   Anchor Cove Marina Question Tue, May 26 by Matthew Kalisz
   Pickup truck Sat, May 23 by Jodi Meekins
   Mechanic able to tune 18 hp Yanmar diesel Tue, May 19 by Dave Davelaar
   Someone to help with window install and paint job Thu, May 14 by Jesper Lind
   Cotton Material Thu, May 14 by Carol Pellett
   Someone to mow my back meadow Wed, May 13 by Dianne Szerlong
   Riding lawnmower Fri, May 08 by Michael Grennell
   Looking for some dumbell sets Sat, May 02 by Jeff Hale
   Wanted: Truck Lover Fri, May 01 by Ian Woofenden
   Old Appliances and Devices Wed, Apr 29 by Caspian Goe

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